Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reflections on the First Week

It was hard to get started but I really enjoyed bike commuting. It was nice to get out and enjoy the summer, get some exercise and have new experiences with my baby. My approach was just to go and as long as I had the basic safety stuff I figured that I could make do. This approach served me well. The few things I need, I still have not found the time to go to the shops and buy. For example, the bike lock. That’s a pretty important item but it worked out. I still have my bike.  Had I waited until I had all the cool gear I would still be waiting.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Again, To Bike Or No?

This bike commute with a baby is full of choices. I will buckle the sleeping baby in the car seat, and then do I ride my bike home or put the bike in the truck and just go with the family?

Not So Far, Not So Good

The city workers hit a gas line and rather than deal with an evacuation, I took my baby out of daycare. I still need to finish a project for work and I have to do that using my home computer. The project needs to be emailed by the end of the day.  In other words, I need to ride from work to home with my baby and when I am home, I need to get back to work.

I almost took a bus home but thought the ride would be easier. To take the bus I have to load my bike on the front of the bus, which is impossible with a toddler. I am sure a kind stranger would help but that leaves me with the same problem getting off the bus. It seemed easier to ride my bike, but the little man fell asleep.

I did not like to see him looking like a bobble-head on my handle bars. He was still supported only by the chair with no support for his head and neck.  His head bobbed up and down and back and forth with the motion of the bike. It is freaky.  For me, I think he needs to be an active participant in the bike ride and if he is asleep, I need to be even more protective of him. I could feel the mommy protection instinct bubble up. I had to call for a rescue.

It feels like defeat as I wait for my husband to pick me up with a toddler sleeping in a bike helmet on my lap two blocks from work.

To Bike or Not?

It is gray and feels like rain. This is demotivating for a bike ride. My reasons for bike commuting are exercise, getting outside, enjoying the summer and spending time with my baby boy.

On my to-do list I have: touch up a project, work that I have complete on my home computer, buy gifts for a party tonight and be home, dressed and ready with wrapped gifts by six o'clock. All this could be done in a day using a car. Oh yeah, I also have to mail packages.

This day is a hard day to justify a bike ride. Guess I could babble on about air quality and sustainability and how my green ways are more important than blah blah blah. But that is not true for me, and that is not why I am riding. There are many great side effects to bike riding but these are not my primary concern. Bike riding is for me and all this stuff (mailing, projects, gift buying) is for others so you know what? I am going to ride!

At 6 PM we'll see how I feel about this decision.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Bike Lock

I still do not have a bike lock. I guess I have one but it is being used on our BBQ. I park in an underground lot and I still have a bike. I would not leave my bike on the street and I am glad this has not turned out badly for me. I'll buy a bike lock eventually. Being a working, bike-riding, busy mom, I don't have much time. I'll get to it one of these days. I have to keep riding -- lock or no lock.

If you are a thief and reading this, my bike is about 15 years old and I bet I could not give it away.

Smiley People

I get so many smiles from people when I have my two-year-old on my handlebars. It makes for a great start to the day.

Locked Out!

Rode the bike home and found that I did not have my keys. That is where I have to be careful. When I drive, I know I have my keys.

Drove Car to Work, Rode Bike to Work

I needed to get my son to daycare by 9 AM so that he could enjoy the music man. The music man is a guy who comes to the class once in awhile and plays music for the kids. My son LOVES it and so it is important to me that he is at school on time on those days. At 9:15, I realized the time, I realized I was late, and I jumped in the car and dropped him off. Next, I drove home and I was back home at 9:45. 

Yes, I drove to work, dropped my son off and then drove home so that I could have a bike commute.  I realize I did nothing for the environment but what I did accomplish was meeting my goal to keep this bike commute up.  It is a slippery-slope back to a car commute and I know that I am very susceptible to falling into old habits.