Friday, August 5, 2011

To Bike or Not?

It is gray and feels like rain. This is demotivating for a bike ride. My reasons for bike commuting are exercise, getting outside, enjoying the summer and spending time with my baby boy.

On my to-do list I have: touch up a project, work that I have complete on my home computer, buy gifts for a party tonight and be home, dressed and ready with wrapped gifts by six o'clock. All this could be done in a day using a car. Oh yeah, I also have to mail packages.

This day is a hard day to justify a bike ride. Guess I could babble on about air quality and sustainability and how my green ways are more important than blah blah blah. But that is not true for me, and that is not why I am riding. There are many great side effects to bike riding but these are not my primary concern. Bike riding is for me and all this stuff (mailing, projects, gift buying) is for others so you know what? I am going to ride!

At 6 PM we'll see how I feel about this decision.

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