Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drove Car to Work, Rode Bike to Work

I needed to get my son to daycare by 9 AM so that he could enjoy the music man. The music man is a guy who comes to the class once in awhile and plays music for the kids. My son LOVES it and so it is important to me that he is at school on time on those days. At 9:15, I realized the time, I realized I was late, and I jumped in the car and dropped him off. Next, I drove home and I was back home at 9:45. 

Yes, I drove to work, dropped my son off and then drove home so that I could have a bike commute.  I realize I did nothing for the environment but what I did accomplish was meeting my goal to keep this bike commute up.  It is a slippery-slope back to a car commute and I know that I am very susceptible to falling into old habits. 

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