Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riding Solo: Riding Home

I did not stop for Happy Hour.  I had to get home and start my shift as a caretaker for the little one.  Grandma had been watching him for about six hours and even Grandmas need breaks.

I did decide to try and new route.  The route I usually take is more scenic than direct.  There is a very direct route that even has designated bike lanes and I have not taken it because I like the scenic route.  We go by seaplanes on the south side of Lake Union, ride through South Lake Union and count the scooters at Scoot About.  More importantly the scenic route does not have very many inclines. Sometimes, with my baby on the handle bars, I can go two blocks on an incline.  Even so, usually I walk the bike after half a block.  On my own I decided that I was ready to try the hills.

Downhill was GREAT!  I forgot how much fun downhill was.  On the uphill, I made it over two blocks but ended up walking my bike.  I am not really proud
of that.  I have to consider that the baby is a good excuse for not being able to ride uphill but there is a chance that I am not strong enough to even get my own self uphill.

I am going to stick with my usual scenic route.  Downhill is pretty fun and I am sure my son would love it but I am not comfortable going that fast on a busy street with a baby.  I would have to break the entire way.  That would not be great for the bikes behind be and the joy of downhill is gone and then I still have the uphill to face.

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