Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Serafina, How Long Has Panini Window Been Here?

Serafina is one of my favorite restaurants of all time.  LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this place.  When I was pregnant I did not drink soda pop and it was hard to find an interesting drink to go with a good meal.  I don't like sweet drinks so the standard Shirley Temple is not for me. I told the bartender my trouble.

He asked me what I liked and mixed me up a special mocktail.  Actually, mocktail doesn't seem like the right word because although it was non-alcoholic, it was a wonderful drink, not a mock-anything.  I would even order one now!  It was a little savory, the perfect amount of spicy and a bit of citrus. This was the first time in seven months that I sipped my drink and did not feel left out when everyone had their pre-dinner cocktails.

Oh, I am off the subject, I have never noticed this Panini Window before.  I must learn more. This window has got to be a good thing because I love Serafina.  I love paninis.   This is an example of why I like my bike commute and it is one of the true joys of a bike commute.  I get to see my neighborhood from a different perspective.  I find new things that I don't see when I am on the freeway in my car.

Tomorrow, it is no more solo, back to me and my baby.

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