Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Procreation Technique Detected and Quashed: My Obsession with the Perfect Bike

Another Test Ride: The Beautiful Civia Loring
I have been obsessed with how to get myself one of those cargo bikes.  

It has still been a bit too chilly and rainy for me to ride but there was one nice day and as I left my building, I sure wish I had had my bike with me.  Even if I had my bike, it would not help because at this point, I cannot ride with my son.  I need a proper way to ride with him.  He has outgrown the ibert and I have not gotten anything new for him. 

There are a few reasons why I have not purchased the cargo bike.  First is that they cost a lot.  I figured I would buy a new bike this year but did not plan on spending $3,200 and I still have to add tax and a few accessories.  I also worry that the bike is not very flexible.  It weighs about one-hundred pounds and it is bulky.  It will not fit in or on our car and this is a problem if we want to get out of town and take our bikes.  I wonder how it will handle for the long-term and if it will get to heavy or just to much for me to want to hassle with.  I don’t know.  Honestly, after all that, I still want one.

I have talked to a couple people who are like, “Oh ya, I got a couple bikes that cost over three grand.  It’s all good.”  I was like, really?  People do that?  Once again, I am a bit naive.  They tell me one cargo bike is totally appropriate and a reasonable purchase.  Yet, I still have a hard time spending the cash.

While I am thinking about buying a bike, talking about buying a bike and writing about buying a bike I have noticed, I am not riding a bike.  The weather is getting better, it is lighter out later and any day, we might have a great day and I could have my first spring ride.  It is time for a reality check.

Riding with my son is really what this is about.  The cargo bike is perfect (I think) and I want so much to have my son riding in front.  I have written about how much I have enjoyed the ibert seat and having my son on my handlebars.  With my son in front, we are both engaged in the ride together and it is way to much fun. 

I want perfection but if I am not comfortable spending the money today and buying it today, why do I think I will be ok buying it in a week?  There is also a chance that I cannot get one, seems that people order and wait a long time for these bikes.  

I am also concerned that I am finding ways to foil myself.  Obsessing over a new bike is a way to procrastinate the spring bike commute.  Starting the bike commute is daunting.  I have to leave earlier.  I have to find bike-to-work outfits.  I don’t even want to think about helmet hair.  The benefits of the bike commute outweigh the these "hardships" but it is still kind of hard to get going.   

I decided to outfit my current bike with the Yepp seat for my son on the back.  It’s a good option for my current bike.  That way, if there is a good day, we can ride.  I will still look for a bike to replace my old bike and then I can transfer the seat to the new bike.

Next, I’ll wait for one of those nice weeks and see if I can rent a cargo bike for a few days and give it a real trial.  I am actually pretty excited for that.  I hope it goes well because I really want to buy the cargo bike. 

This ends my obsession about how to get a cargo bike.  I will still do research and I cannot wait for my cargo bike test drive. 

When biking with a child, I think that confident and steady is the way to ride and I will apply the same rules to buying a new bike.  No need to rush or obsess.  I’ll take my time and buy when I feel very confident about the purchase.  I still totally want a cargo bike.  


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  3. Your son will soon be able to pedal and help you along. If you get one of those third wheel rigs, you won't have to push the whole thing yourself. Get a cargo bike if you seriously want to run errands. Grocery bags will never help you ride back up that hill! (REI has a couple, and there are two on craig's list.)