Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bike Ride for Two Weeks!

I just found this blog entry that I started but I never finished and never published.  Even though it is a little late, I am going to finish it and post it.  

I was off the bike ride for two weeks and really felt the effects. Remember the post:

I Got on the Slippery Slope: No Bike Ride for TWO WEEKS

Getting started again was hard.  I had bad luck, I was lackadaisical in my planning, that turned out poorly and I had bad helmet hair. But I did get going. The best part is that I kept going.  There is not much to write about and that is also good.

My helmet hair got under control so I felt better about my bike-to-work appearance.  I even got a compliment on my ability to bike and still look chic. I figured out a new route to the new school that works well and I also minimized uphill climbs as much as possible.  (Still not a fan of uphill.) I rode my bike to work for two weeks, no car, no rides, only the bike. TWO WEEKS!  I am a little proud of that.  


  1. Actually not Anonymous, Steve says; Wow that makes me hungry. I'm thinking Blacks barbecue this Saturday. What do you think?