Monday, August 8, 2011

A Word About Safety

Of course I worried about starting the bike commute. I had read the safety reviews and other parents' comments before I purchased the child seat. The one I have is made by iBert and it is called a t-seat.

I had bought the iBert the last summer and tried it out without the baby first. Then I rode with the baby for a few blocks to test the balance before I went on a longer ride.

When I ride I know I am not strong enough to go uphill and I don’t try and push myself. I have also mapped out routes that, although they take longer, have less traffic and official bike lanes.  I tested the route on my own before I rode with my baby.
Of course we wear helmets. I have a bike bell. We use the bell all the time to let other bikers and drivers know that we are nearby. I wear an orange safety vest that has reflectors. Right now, I’ll say that I am not comfortable riding on wet streets or in the dark. It does not matter now because it is August but that is something I will have to consider when fall hits.

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