Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thank Goodness It Is Friday!

This Friday I hit my stride. I needed to be at work early and I had a long day ahead of me.  It was a gray morning and that didn't even bother me. Even so, I found myself prioritizing the bike commute. I did not consider driving the car a good option.  I am really getting a lot out of riding my bike: the exercise, fun times with my son, and discovering new things in the neighborhood.

There is an annual South Lake Union Block Party and every year I try to go, and every year I forget.  On my ride, I saw volunteers setting up for the block party and this is the first year I made it to the party!

After seeing the volunteers set up for the block party I rode to work and I faced a big project with a tight deadline. I am a video editor and producer. Friday, I had to edit a cooking show on a very tight timeline. I did not take breaks from the computer and I had to smooth out many production problems. I had not slept much Thursday night and on Friday I worked really hard.  My poor brain was done.  I called my husband for a ride home.  This time I did not feel defeated. It was a good decision. I was not in any shape to be sharing the roads with five o'clock traffic especially with the baby on my handlebars.  If my husband couldn't pick me up, I would have taken the bus, with or without my bike.

The lesson here is know your limits, take it easy and take other transportation if you're feeling less than whole. I think that will make for safer cycling; that could be applied to drivers, too.

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