Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Bike Thief: Take the Lock Not the Bike

I now own a nice bike lock.  It is super strong and really heavy, possibly heavier than my two-year-old son.  It is orange and black, and I open the lock with a key.

The sales guy at the store asked me where I was planning to lock my bike and recommended a pretty hefty lock, much heftier than I would have bought. I have not been locking my bike so my sense of security is pretty high. On the other hand, he is a salesperson and I might have been shamboozled.
(Shamboozled is bamboozled but by a sales person.)

This bike lock is probably worth more than my bike.  I am guessing the bike lock is easier to sell than a bike.  So, Dear Bike Thieves, I would recommend stealing the lock, not my old bike.


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